About Us

Who We Are

We are an award winning Social Enterprise; a not-for-profit environmental group that is financially self-supporting. Our income is derived from the charges we make for our collection service, and from sales of wood and wood products. Any surplus is reinvested in order that we can continue to provide a vital environmental service to the Mid Sussex area.

Our sustainable and ethical business model has helped us win many awards, the latest being the Gatwick Diamond Business Association Environmental Culture Award 2022. https://www.gatwickdiamondbusinessawards.com/gallery/2022-awards#group1-10.

For information regarding recycling of non-wood items this link will provide some useful information.

What we do

According to WRAP, around 4.5 million tonnes of waste wood arises in the UK each year , with 2.3 million tonnes currently recycled or used to create energy and approx 1.2 million tonnes being sent to landfill. In Europe we produce approx 350 million wooden pallets and packing cases annually.

We are looking to create jobs and provide training opportunities.

We work with disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the Mid Sussex area providing a stimulating and varied environment to learn and grow.

We also welcome volunteers who can bring various skills to the project, such as carpentry or design, or would just like to be involved with a friendly project with environmental and social aims.

Who We Work With

We are a Living Wage Employer.

We are now working with Pericles http://www.pericles.org.uk/ which is a pioneering training and work project, working with adults and young people with special needs and/or mental health issues. They are helping us create a ‘grow’ project, the aim of which is to produce herb mixes and summer salad ingredients this year.

This is one of the many reasons that we work with the Pericles organisation.

Heart of Pericles… from Julian Richard Miller D.O.P. on Vimeo.

Our Great Team

Project Director

Since its innception in 2007, Dave Treadwell has been working tirelessly to grow and maintain Mid Sussex Wood Recycling. Engaging construction companies and demolition...

Waste Collections Manager

Chris joined us in 2012 and has been powering his way through mountains of waste timber ever since, ensuring our customers remain satisfied. Neatly...

Site Manager

Since 2010, Jamie has been working with Mid Sussex Wood Recycling and is integral to the day to day operation of our barn. What...