Timber Sales

What we do


Our stock of timber changes constantly, but we usually carry plywood, floorboards and various construction timbers as standard.


We can recommend craftsman to help you achieve any design goal.


We supply bags of kindling during the winter and bags of our home produced charcoal during the summer.

Benefits to You

  • On the recycling hierarchy ‘reuse’ is at the top. Usually, waste timber products get chipped and used for power station fuel. We look at what can be reused.
  • Waste timber rots down and produces methane gas, which is bad for the environment and is banned in parts of Europe. We keep waste timber out of landfill.

The Salvage Yard

At Mid Sussex Wood Recycling, we have ended up doing a lot of house, shed and garage clearances. As a result of this, we have managed to build up a treasure trove of stuff for you to come and claim.

We find all sorts, ranging from shelves, tables, chairs, dining room sets, doors, head boards and even an ocean buoy or two.

Call us for an enquiry, or come on down and take a look for yourself.